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Our Rain Guarantee

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Our Rain Guarantee

Some customers ask us to postpone their window cleaning until after a forecasted rain (as if the weather man is ever right!) or if we have a rain guarantee or what we do if it rains during our scheduled appointment.  Some have even asked us to postpone the cleaning because “it looks like it will rain sometime this week”…

(Wow!  It’s going to rain sometime EVERY week.  If that were the case, every window cleaner would be out of work, permanently!)

To all these questions…we have an answer…and even a guarantee.

First let’s examine why windows may seem to be dirty after a rain.

If your windows have not been cleaned in some time, dirt, dust, bird droppings, sap and a host of other pollutants have probably accumulated on your windows.  So when it rains, that rain water simply streaks that “dirt” right down your windows.

The rain water is not necessarily dirty, the dirt is already on your windows.

Now if it rains during your scheduled cleaning, well…we don’t really like to get wet either.  We watch the weather closely and if it appears that the rain will stop shortly, we will take a break and try to wait it out.  However, there are times that we decide it would be in everyone’s best interest to reschedule the appointment.

When we clean your windows, we remove the dirt…the glass is clean. 

We also use commercial window cleaning products that contain additives that help your windows stay clean longer.  So if it rains after we clean your windows, the dirt is gone and the superior quality products we use allow the water to sheet right off the glass.

After a few rains, your windows will still look clean.

So…this is the exact reason we are confident that we can offer this “Rain Guarantee”

If it rains on your windows within 24 hours after we leave your window cleaning appointment, and you are not satisfied with the way they look, we promise to return and re-clean the exterior of the affected windows at no charge.  It’s that simple.

Here is the fine print…

  • You must call us within 48 hours of us leaving your appointed cleaning.
  • Only exterior windows will be re-cleaned.
  • Your window screens must have been cleaned by us.  (When we clean your screens, we do a thorough job.  So there is not dirt left on the screens to be washed back onto the window glass when it rains.)
  • Homeowner is responsible for removing screens, if necessary, prior to us arriving to re-clean.  If the screens are still on the outside of the widows when we arrive, our crew will not wait for the homeowner to remove them.  (We are sure you understand how this can delay the cleaning.)  If you ask us to remove the screens, there will be an additional charge.
  • We reserve the right to select what method and tools to be used to perform the re-cleaning. (Please rest assured that whatever method or tools we use will be standard professional window cleaning tools and techniques.)

So there you have it.  A simple, straight forward and honest guarantee.

For more information give us a call at 734-771-7721 or email us at

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