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Four Reasons Why You Should Have Your Foggy Windows Fixed

Why should you have your fogged windows fixed? Here are our four reasons.

 Four Reasons Why You Should Have Your Foggy Windows Fixed - Blog - Diamond ProClean - foggy

  1. For starters, they look unappealing. Some even to the point of a nearly totally obstructed view due to the moisture clinging to the glass surface within the air space. If the IGU is in this bad of condition, it may actually need to be replaced.

  2. Your heating and cooling dollars are literally going right out the window. Moist air is a thermal conductor, dry air is an insulator. It's that simple. Therefore, if you have moisture between the glass of your insulated glass unit (IGU) your heating and cooling dollars are being transmitted right through the window.

  3. If you are trying to sell your home, do you really think anyone would consider buying it knowing the windows are failing? In essence, foggy windows will reduce your home's resale value.

  4. Our de-fogging process is half the cost or less compared to replacement. (However, if necessary, we are qualified to replace your glass as well and can give you an on-the-spot quote for this service.)

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