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The Problem

Rain Flow Gutter Protection in Michigan | Diamond ProClean - rain_flow2Every homeowner knows cleaning gutters is a messy and dangerous job. The idea of taking out the ladder and maneuvering around landscaping is a dreadful and time-consuming task. As homeowners move up in age, the work involved in cleaning gutters can make this chore almost impossible. These homeowners are looking for a solution to the problem they face several times a year.
There are over 70 gutter protection systems to choose from. Contractors and homeowners have seen the gamut of styles and designs. Some systems install under the shingle, some screw to the gutter and other systems need to be caulked in place. Some systems require special tools and make installation an all-day project.
Rain Flow Gutter Protection in Michigan | Diamond ProClean - rain_flow3Rain Flow Total Gutter Protection is a system that fills the entire gutter opening so that nothing but water can get in. When Rain Flow is installed, rainwater passes easily through the material and quickly flows to the downspouts. Leaves, spinners, pine needles, twigs and other debris stay on top but don’t impede the flow of water. Because air flows both under and over the debris, it dries quickly and blows away on the next breezy day.
Installation does not require screws, nails, brackets or caulk. Shingles are never touched, so roof warranties are not voided. Birds, hornets or bees can’t get in and build a nest, which happens with many of the metal covers. No color matching is necessary, which helps greatly with inventory control.
Rain Flow installs in existing 5” and 6” K gutters. No screws, brackets or caulk. 3 ft. lengths can be cut with for miter joints and end caps.
No Damaged Shingles. You don't lift the shingles to install Rain Flow.
Permanent All Weather Protection
Rain Flow’s™ patented material is not affected by changing weather. From hot summer sun to winter snow and freezing ice, Rain Flow™ protects gutters from clogging year-round.

Invisible From the Ground

Rain Flow Gutter Protection in Michigan | Diamond ProClean - rain_flow1_1Rain Flow can't be seen from ground level. Unlike metal covers or screens.  Rain Flow does not require color matching to shingles,  gutters or trim and doesn't change the appearance of the home.  Rain Flow™ works with any roof from flat to 16/12 pitch.

Self Cleaning 

Rain Flow washes clean with every rainfall. It is tough, nonabsorbent and dries quickly. Shingle grit and other small debris pass through easily.

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